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Benetti 145 Diamond

Benetti 145 Diamond

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Barca Benetti 145 Diamond a motore del 2023. Questa imbarcazione nuova ha una lunghezza di 44.06 metri ed è motorizzata 2x1400 MAN (D).

Richiedi informazioni

Caratteristiche principali

Anno costruzione
44.06 metri
9.16 metri
0.00 metri
Materiale scafo
Materiale coperta
Materiale sovrastruttura
Portata persone
Posti letto
Certificato di sicurezza

Motorizzazione e impianti

N° motori
1400 HP
Ore di moto
Capacità carburante
60000 litri
1 x 236 kw 2x118 KW CAT
Velocità crociera
13 nodi
Velocità massima
15 nodi

The first Diamond 145 unit, the new Class category flagship that at 44 meters in length represents the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. The impressive and imposing exterior lines penned by Giorgio M. Cassetta are matched by spacious interiors bathed in a contemporary, welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere and designed by Benetti's Interior Style Department.
With a fiberglass hull and gross tonnage of 469 tonnes, Diamond 145 has five cabins sleeping 10 guest and five cabins for a crew oh eight plus the captain. At a speed oh 11 knots, the yacht has a range of 5,000 nautical miles.


Accommodation for Owner & guests:
- 10 persons in 5 cabins
Accommodation for crew:
- 9 persons in 5 cabins

- LOWER DECK: Port Vip Cabin, Port Vip Bath, Port Twin Cabin, Port Twin Bath, STBD Vip Cabin, STBD Vip Bath, STBD Twin Cabin, STBD Twin Bath, Lobby
- MAIN DECK: Main Saloon, Main Foyer, Pantry, Galley, Day Head, Master Study, Master Dressing, Master Cabin, Master Bathroom
- UPPER DECK: Sky Lounge, Pantry, Lobby, Day Head, Wheelhouse

- LOWER DECK : Crew Mess, PORT Crew Cabin 01, PORT Crew Bath 01, Port Crew Cabin 01, Port Crew Bath 01, STBD Crew Cabin 02, STBD Crew Bath 02, Port Crew Cabin 02, Port Crew Bath 02, Laundry, Crew Corridor
- MAIN DECK: Crew Corridor
- UPPER DECK: Captin’s Cabin, Captain’s Bath

Strumentazione di bordo

The dashboard will be composed of two LCD monitors 26” and three touch panels 24” for visualizing and controlling all the navigation instruments like radar, echosounder, chart plotter, LOG, GPS rather than the engine / conning data and even the steering system.

- INTERCOM SYSTEM: One emergency internal communication system will be fitted in:
· wheelhouse,
· engine room,
· emergency steering location.
- ECHOSOUNDER: One echosounder, with graphic interface. Included in integrated navigation system.
- MAGNETIC COMPASS: One ceiling mounted magnetic compass will be provided in wheelhouse.
- WIND SYSTEM: One wind system with no moving parts and with GPS, air temperature and pressure sensors will be supplied. Included in integrated navigation system. One NMEA data Display will be provided for Captain’s cabin
N°2 fixed station VHF will be provided.
N°1 remote control unit for VHF will be provided (crew mess).
N°4 handheld VHF for mooring operation will be supplied.
One IMO approved 25kW X - band 6ft antenna with ARPA and AIS
interfaces will be provided. Included in integrated navigation system. One radar interface will be provided.
- AUTOPILOT: One autopilot comprising of n°1 feedback unit.
Included in integrated navigation system.
- GPS SYSTEM: N°1 GPS systems IMO Approved will be provided. Included in integrated navigation system.
- HORN: A pneumatic horn will be provided (KahlenbergT-3A Chimetone). Controlled by the integrated navigation system. Buttons are available on the wings, it can be operated in emergency in the wheelhouse.
- EXTERNAL DATA CONNECTION: Two means of data connection will be provided for internet and IT services:
• N°1 Harbour Wi-Fi connection system
• N°1 UMTS – 4G (single SIM) connection system

Dotazioni e armamento

- RUDDER BLADES AND STOCKS: Two spade rudders will be provided, made of stainless steel AISI 316, sized to ensure good evolution capabilities at low speed.
- RUDDER HOLES: Rudder tubes of suitable diameter will be fixed by bolts to the hull bottom with flange recessed in a dedicated housing.
- RUDDERS BUSHES: Rudder bushes of bronze material will be provided for the rudder stocks.
- RUDDER MACHINERY, PUMPS AND ACCESSORIES: Rudder angle will be limited to 35 degrees each side, with mechanical stoppers on the rudders.
The steering gear will consist of the following components:
· n°1 electrical actuator in the wheelhouse,
· n°1 electro hydraulic power pack in the aft technical room, with
two pumps 400 Vac, 3 phases and 1,5kW,
· n°2 cylinders (one for each rudder),
· tiller arm
· interface with autopilot.
- WINDLASSES: Two electric windlasses of the vertical type (OPEM SISTEMI ASLG69- 17XS) will be installed, as shown on the general arrangement. The windlasses will be raised from the deck level and locally controlled.
- CAPSTANS: Two electric foot operated vertical capstans type (OPEM SISTEMI ATLG24-170X) will be fitted on aft deck. The capstans will be raised from deck level on dedicated manoeuvring area each side and locally controlled. The capstans will be capable to rotate in both directions.
- MOORING BOLLARDS: The following polished stainless steel AISI 316L bollards will be provided:
· four on the aft mooring area,
· four on the forward mooring area,
· two on the main deck at mid sides, of the horn type, integrated
in the fairleads.
- FAIRLEADS: Two polished stainless steel AISI 316L fairleads will be provided on main deck at mid sides, with round bar and integrated bollards.
- ROLLER FAIRLEADS: The following polished stainless steel AISI 316L roller fairleads will be provided:
· four on the forward mooring area,
· four on the aft mooring area.
- ANCHORS: The Yacht will be equipped with n°2 galvanised steel fully balanced SHHP (Super High Holding Power) anchors of 219 kg each, according to rules. The anchoring equipment specified in this document is intended for temporary mooring of a Yacht within or near a harbour, or in a sheltered area.
The following lines will be supplied:
· n°3 mooring lines, each of 80 m length.
- CHAIN ROLLERS: Polished stainless steel rollers will be fitted for each anchor in order to prevent friction at the upper end of the hawse pipes.
- CHAIN STOPPERS: A stainless steel stoppers will be installed for each anchor to hold in position the anchors against the anchor pocket.
Anchor chains will be connected to the hull by a quick release system, to allow safe release when in emergency conditions.
- ANCHOR CHAINS: The Yacht will be equipped with n°2 17,5mm stud link chains made of galvanised steel of 165 m each in length.
- JACK STAFF: A polished stainless steel jack staff will be fitted on the bow.
- BOAT HOOKS: Two varnished trasparente wood boat hooks, 4 m length will be provided.
- ROPE LADDER: One rope ladder will be provided for pilot boarding.
- YACHT BELL: One chromed bronze bell will be provided, diameter 300 mm.
- NAUTICAL INSTRUMENTS: A round clock, barometer and a thermometer will be installed in the wheelhouse.

- GANGWAY: An hydraulic retractable telescopic gangway will be fitted. It will be hydraulically operated and connected to the power pack unit, used also for other equipments. The gangway will be made in polished stainless steel AISI 316.

- SWIMMING LADDER: One manual/removable polished stainless steel AISI 316 swimming ladder will be provided on the port side of the bathing platform. The steps will be made in teak.

Aluminum knocked plate floor will be provided in engine room. Removable sections will be made in way of valves, filters, etc. where quick manoeuvring or access is required.

- FRESH WATER PUMPS: Two electrical pumps (Gianneschi ACB 332/B 400Vac, flow rate 90lt/min, 23usg/min to 33m H2O each) will be provided.
- HOT WATER PUMPS: Two hot water circulating pumps (Gianneschi Z30 230Vac) will be installed to keep constant temperature in hot water ring.
- WATERMAKER: One water softener (Idromar IDROFAST 9100) will be installed, connected to the filling line of the tanks, treating water from embarkations. One reverse osmosis watermaker (Idromar MC9S) will be fitted with all necessary gauges, sand filters with back washing, high and low pressure pumps, automatic and weekly fresh water washing of the system.
- WATER HEATERS: Two electric hot water stainless steel heaters with capacity of 250 litres (66usg) each will be fitted. Resistance 5+5kW for each heater.
- FRESH WATER STERILIZER: UV system (Idromar SH-8000), carbon filter (Idromar CT6R-1), dosing unit (Idromar KATADYN) on fresh water pumps delivery line, dosing pump in line to bunker and water maker fill line will be provided.
- MINIPOOLS: One pool, Benetti custom made, will be fitted on forward upper deck area. A 24kW heater will be provided to maintain a steady water temperature. Holdind tank will be provided.

- LIGHTING SYSTEM: Proper LED lighting will be provided inside and outside. Dimmers will be fitted for ceiling spotlights in Owner’s cabin, saloons, guest cabins, external, noble and public areas.
Accommodation lighting will be chosen in the Benetti standard.
Low intensity red lights will be installed in wheelhouse for safety running of the Yacht during night navigation.
Exteriors: overhead waterproof lights at superstructure ceilings and foot waterproof lights will be installed.
Lights will be 24V DC and 230V AC, emergency lighting will be 24V DC.
All lighting circuits protected by fuses fitted on distribution panels.



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